Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunny Adé's music is characterised by, among other instruments, the Talking drum- an instrument indigenous to his Yoruba roots, the guitar and his peculiar application to juju music, that would easily put him in the same class as guitar musicians like Santana. His music is in the age old tradition of singing poetic lyrics("Ewi" in Yoruba) and praise of dignitaries as well components of "juju" (traditional African belief) called the "Ogede"-"casting a spell". Hence, Adé's music constitutes a record of the oral tradition of his people for posterity.

King Sunny Ade, sometimes also called the Minister of Enjoyment, was born in Oshogbo, Nigeria in 1946, the son of a Methodist minister. He began his musical career when, after dropping out of grammer school, he drifted to Lagos and joined a highlife band.

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